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Premium Sake

Hot Sake.png

Hot Sake                 Sm. 8.95 / Lg. 13.95          


Heated Japanese rice wine.

Ozeki Karatamba.png

Ozeki Karatamba                            16.95


(300ml) Dry finish that lingers bitter sweetly on the tongue.


Otokoyama                                     15.95


(8 oz.) Served in the wooden box. Refreshing lightness with vivid acidity. This very dry sake has sharp and rich, full-bodied taste.


Harushika                                        15.95


(8 oz.) Served in the wooden box. Sharp citrus flavor with crisp bitter finish.

mio wine.png

Mio                                                          15


MIO entices you with its unique, sweet aroma and refreshing, fruity flavor.
Just pour into a glass and enjoy a sparkling new sake experience.
Crafted in the traditional brewing style, with rice, water and koji,
MIO appeals to a wide range of tastes -
a new sake for a new age..

Ozeki Nigori                                    16.95


(370 ml) An unfiltered sake that preserves the fresh flavor of the moromi (the fermenting mixture of rice, water, koji, and yeast), for a crisp, vibrant presence.

Shochu                                              8.95


Served by the glass. Spirit distilled from buckwheat.

Sho Chiku Bai                                   13.95

(300ml) Delicate, dry and silky smooth with a fruity touch.

House Wines

Kinsen Plum Wine (Ume-shu)          8.95


Sweet, with an intense summer fruit flavor.

Bottle: $29.95

Chardonnay                                         6.50

Tropical flavors such as mango and pineapple dance with aromas of peach, apple, and pear.

1/2-Carafe $14.95,  Carafe $29.95

Sauvignon Blanc                                8.95


The crisp and light character of our Sauvignon Blanc makes it the perfect match for light yet flavorful dishes of sushi.

1/2-Carafe $14.95,  Carafe $29.95

Cabernet Sauvignon                         8.95


Medium-bodied with flavors of blackberry, plum and cherry fruit; a hint of spice. Soft and supple tannins make for an easy drinking, everyday wine.

1/2-Carafe $14.95,  Carafe $29.95

White Zinfandel                                   8.95


Lots of summer fruit including strawberry and raspberry aromas. Light bodied, fruity, fresh and delicious! Crisp finish.

1/2-Carafe $14.95,  Carafe $29.95

White Wines

Sartori Pinot Grigio                             9.95


Italy. Light-bodied, crisp, refreshing, dry

Bottle 32.00

Meridian Chardonnay                         8.95


California. Mouth-watering tropical fruit flavor

Bottle 29.95

Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay           10.95


California. Rich, full-flavored with integrated fruit and oak.

Bottle $39.00

Bonny Doon Pacific Rim Riesling        8.95


California. Bright forward fruit, off-dry.

Bottle $29.95

Red Wines

Douglass-Hill Cabernet Sauvignon        7.95


From Raymond Vineyards, cassis berry, subtle oak.


Bottle $28.00

Beaulieu Vineyards “Coastal” Merlot    8.95

Fully ripe plummy aromas with hints of dark chocolate, subtle herbs and black cherry herald similarly intense fruit flavors.

Bottle $29.95

Lindeman Cabernet/Shiraz                  8.95


Australia. Easy drinking with spicy raspberry and plum nuances.

Bottle $29.95

Blackstone Pinot Noir       


California. Deep cherry aromas and flavors, light-bodied, smooth.

Bottle $33.95


MIchelob                                    5.50


Miller Lite                                   5.50

Sapporo Draft                            8.95

Kirin Ichiban Shibori (21.4 oz.)  8.95


Budweiser                                  5.50

Kirin Light                                   5.95

Asahi “Super Dry” (21.4 oz)       8.95

O’Douls (non-alcoholic)             5.50


Ocean World Specialties

Strawberry Daiquiri                       12.95

Midori Colada                                12.95

Tokyo Boody Mary                        12.95

Tokyo Margarita                            12.95

Long Beach                                  12.95

Mai Tai                                          12.95

Long Island Iced Tea                     12.95


After-Dinner Drinks

Keoke Coffee                                    8.95


Mix alcohols, add coffee, top with whipped cream

Brandy Alexander                             8.95


A sweet brandy-based cocktail including creme de Cacao

Courvoisier VSOP                             8.95

Delicate bouquet and excellent balance of oak and exotic flavours. The aroma is subtle and harmonious, with undertones of vanilla and grilled almond

Drambuie                                            8.95


Honey- and herb-flavoured golden scotch whisky liqueur made from aged malt whisky, heather honey and a secret blend of herbs and spices.

Grand Marnier                                   8.95


A kind of triple sec made from a blend of true cognacs and distilled essence of Bitter orange.

Bailey’s                                               8.95


Irish whiskey, cream, and fine spirits woven together to create a perfect blend of flavours

Non-alcoholic Beverages

Milk                                             2.50

Perrier                                        2.95

Iced Oolong Tea                        3.95

Fountain Drinks                          2.95


Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Root Beer, Pink Lemonade, Iced Tea

Orange Juice                              3.95

Iced Green Tea                           3.95

Ginseng Up                                 3.95


A non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated cider based from ginseng roots

Ramune                                       3.95


Japanese Traditional  Soda

Hot Green Tea                               1.99


Japanese Green Tea or Brown rice Green Tea(Genmai-cha)

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