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Sushi a La Carte


Arizona roll.jpg

Arizona Roll                                  7.95


Hot and Spicy.   Yellowtail with fish egg, tempura bits, green onions and spicy sauce.

Asparagus Tempura Roll.png

Asparagus Tempura Roll                4.95


Vegetables. Asparagus tempura with spicy sauce.

Eel and Avo Roll.png

Eel & Avo Roll                                7.95


Cooked. Eel, avocado & eel sauce

Bobs Roll.png

Bob’s Roll                                          7.25


Cooked. Asparagus tempura with smoked salmon and spicy sauce.

California Roll.png

California Roll                                 5.95


Cooked. Krab, avocado, cucumber.

Canadian Roll.png

Canadian Roll                                   11.95

Cooked. Cream cheese, shrimp, avocado, smoked salmon, fish egg outside with spicy sauce.

Crazy California Roll.png

Crazy California Roll                      16.95


Crab stick, avocado, and chopped onion topped with mixed seafood (shrimp, scallops, squid, white fish, etc….) and broiled. Very hot and spicy.

Fire Salmon Roll.png

  Fire Salmon roll                               6.95


Hot and spicy. Fresh Salmon, tempura bits, scallions, spicy sauce,  fish egg topping.

Florida Roll.png

Florida Roll                                       6.95


Fresh fish. Tuna, fish egg, tempura bites, scallions, spicy sauce inside.

Green Roll.png

Green Roll                                         5.95

Vegetables. Spinach, avocado, cucumber with aonori outside.

Hoosier Roll.png

Hoosier Roll                                      7.25


Fresh fish. Tuna, avocado, spicy sauce.

Indy Roll.png

Indy Roll                                            9.95


Cooked. Eel, krab, avocado wrapped in soy paper.

Jewelry Roll.jpg

Jewelry Roll                                     22.95


Cooked. Shrimp tempura with krab and snowcrab mix with eel and avocado on top with fish eggs.

Lobster Tempura Roll.png
Lousiana Roll.png

Louisiana Roll                                  13.95 

Cooked. Crab stick, avocado inside with Tempura crawfish topping with eel sauce, spicy sauce, Cajun powder.

Mardi Gras Roll.png

Mardi Gras Roll                               12.95


Cooked. Krab and onion mix with Cajun fried white meat fish, bell pepper on top.

Monkey Roll.png

Monkey Roll                                   11.95


Cooked. Sweet. Cream cheese, avocado, shrimp tempura with deep-fried banana on top with mango sauce.

New York Roll.png

New York Roll                                   6.95


1Cooked. Avocado, boiled shrimp with spicy sauce.

Ocean Roll.png

Ocean Roll                                   16.95

Fresh fish. Avocado, krab, spicy sauce inside with tuna, salmon, shrimp, fish egg on top.

Orange Roll.png

Orange Roll                               16.95

Fresh fish. Avocado, crab inside with salmon, spicy sauce, and fish egg on top.

Philadelphia Roll.png

Philadelphia Roll                            6.95


Cooked. Cream cheese, smoked salmon, avocado.

Rock n Roll.png

Rock ‘n Roll                             9.95


Cooked. Eel, crab, avocado, the fish egg inside then deep-fried.

Scallop Tempura Roll.png

Scallop Tempura Roll                      6.95


Cooked. Tempura scallop with spicy sauce.

Shrimp Tempura Roll.png

Shrimp Tempura Roll                        6.95


Cooked. Shrimp tempura with spicy sauce.

Soft Shell Crab Roll.png

Soft Shell Crab Roll                      16.95


Cooked. Chopped up Deep-fried soft shell crab with special mayo spicy sauce.

Spicy Salmon Roll.png

Spicy Salmon Roll                            6.95


Fresh fish. Salmon with spicy sauce.

Spicy Scallop roll.jpg

Spicy Scallop Roll                          6.95


Fresh fish. Scallops, fish egg, spicy sauce.

Spicy Tuna Roll.png

Spicy Tuna Roll                             6.95


Fresh fish. Tuna with spicy sauce.

Tofu Roll.png

Tofu Roll                                         4.95


 Tofu, bonito flakes, scallions with eel sauce & spicy sauce.

Tropical Roll.png

Tropical Roll                              7.25


Fresh fish. Mango, tuna with spicy sauce.

Tuna Roll.png

Tuna Roll                                        5.95


Fresh yellow fin tuna. 

Tuna Tartar Roll.png

Tuna Tartar Roll                             6.95


Fresh fish. Tuna, scallions, fish egg, spicy sauce.

Wasabi Crunchy Lobster.png

Wasabi Crunchy Lobster             14.95


Mild spicy. Cooked. Crawfish, lobster mix, avocado, tempura bits on top with wasabi mayo and fish egg.

Yellow Tail Roll.jpg

Yellowtail Roll                            6.95


Fresh fish. Yellowtail, minced scallions.

Godzilla Roll.png

Godzilla Roll                                   19.95 


Soft shell crab, eel, avocado, cream cheese, tempura bits, finished with eel sauce & wasabi Mayo sauce on top

SanDiego Roll.png

San-Diego Roll                            12.95

Shrimp tempura, Salmon, crab stick, onion, avocado, Crunch tempura with sweet & hot sauce.

Las Vegas Roll

Las Vegas Roll                                12.95 


Wrap the shrimp, smoked salmon, cream cheese, and make this into tempura fried with sweet & Hot sauce top with the slice of the jalapeno pepper and Flying fish egg.

Travis Roll.jpg

Travis Roll                                         6.95


Wrap the Smoked salmon, avocado, cilantro, jalapeno pepper.

King of Salmon.jpg

King of Salmon roll                         12.95


Seared salmon, crab stick, and avocado seasoned with spicy mayonnaise sauce and drizzled with citrus sauce and topped with green onions.


Soft Shell Crab O2 roll                    13.95


Avocado, crab, spicy sauce, and tempura bits topped with deep-fried soft shell crab.


Albacore Tuna                                  5.50


Speak lightly and green onion with citrus sauce on tap.

Eel                                                    6.95 


Cooked. with eel sauce and sesame seed.

Egg A.jpg

Egg                                                    3.50 


Cooked. Sweet.

Flying Fish Roe                                 5.50 



Inari                                                    3.50


Cooked. Deep fried tofu

Smelt Fish Roe                               5.50 



Japanese Scallop                             7.95 


Fresh fish.

Krab (Crab stick) A.jpg

Krab                                                 3.50 


Cooked. Imitation crab meat

Mackerel A.jpg

Mackerel                                           4.95 



Octopus A.jpg

Octopus                                            5.95 



Salmon A.jpg

Salmon                                              5.50 


Fresh fish.

Salmon Belly A.jpg

Salmon Belly                                    5.95 


Fresh fish.

Salmon Roe                                      7.95 


Marinated with soy sauce & cooking sake.

Sea Urchin                                       13.95 


Fresh fish.

Shrimp A.jpg

Shrimp                                               4.95 



Smoked Salmon A.jpg

Smoked Salmon                               5.50



Spicy Scallop                                    6.95 


Fresh fish. Bay scallop, Fish egg with spicy mayo.

Squid A.jpg

Squid                                                 5.25 


Fresh fish.

Surf Clam                                          6.95 

Fresh fish.

Hokki-Gai form Hottukai Dou of japan.

Sweet Raw Shrimp                           9.95 


Fresh fish.


Tuna                                                  5.50 


Fresh yellowfin tuna.

Wasabi Scallop                                 6.95 


Fresh fish. Hot and spicy. Bay scallop, Fish egg with wasabi mayo.

Tilapia A.jpg

Tilapia                                               4.95 


Fresh fish

Yellow Tail A.jpg

Yellow Tail                                        5.50 


Fresh fish

Yellow Tail Belly A.jpg

Yellow Tail Belly                                6.50

Fresh fish.

Belly parts, (Suna-zuri)

Snow Crab                                        9.95



Striped Bass                                    6.95


Fresh fish.

In Japanese (Suzuki)

Sea Eel                                           6.95                          

Cooked. with eel sauce and sesame seed.

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