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Ice Cream.png


Ice Cream                                        4


choice of vanilla or green tea.
Red bean additional $1.

Midnight Layer Chocolate Cake.png

Midnight Layer Chocolate Cake          7


Tiramisu White Layer Cake.png

Tiramisu White Layer Cake             7

Tempura Banana Split.png

Tempura Banana Split                        6.5


Tuna roll, cucumber roll and California roll. Served with salad.

Tempura Ice Cream.png

Tempura Ice Cream                         7.5

Ocean Ice Cream.png

Ocean Ice Cream                                  6


Vanilla Ice cream in between a  Taiyaki (Japanese style waffle- type snack that looks like a fish with red bean paste inside)

Daifuku Mochi.png

Daifuku Mochi.                                      4

Cheese Cake with Strawberry.png
Mochi Ice Cream.png
Sasa Mochi.png

Cheese Cake with Strawberry             6



Mochi Ice Cream                                   4


Mango ice cream wrapped in a thin layer of rice dough.

Sasa Mochi                                            4

Cheesecake                                   5.50

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